About Us

Provides various programs that are educational, physically and emotionally safe for various ages (age 3 years to 15years). Our buildings are designed with children in mind and has proper security measures in place. Our educators ensure that all students feel supported, understood, and respected.

Nurtures It is through caring and guidance that a child grows, learns, develops self-confidence, and ultimately thrives.

Stimulates and excites We provide an environment that fosters children’s curiosity, and the joy of learning.

Offers a “child-friendly” environment with many opportunities for play, movement, and social interaction.

Our programs are “parent-friendly,” professional, and reliable. Communication is an essential aspect of our program. We are also flexible, which means offering a wide variety of enrollment options including extra or extended hours (space permitting). We will do our best to accommodate unique issues and requests. We want to form a relationship with all parents that is based on trust, respect, communication, and reliability. We want our parents to feel comfortable that they have chosen our programs that provide their child with a caring home-away-from-home environment.